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Saurashtra Patel Samaj of Canada Bringing our community together


Who We are

It was in 1983, when the first few Leuva and Kadwa Patel families, originating from the Saurashtra region of India immigrated to Canada. Thereafter, the establishment of the Saurashtra Patel Samaj of Canada (SPSC) was in 1989. Owing to the high influx of immigration, SPSC has grown to an organization having over 250 families across Canada today.

The objectives of SPSC are to promote the common brotherhood, social uplifting, social gathering, educational and cultural activities and to foster good relations with other communities.

We are based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and have a distinct and diverse history. Our members come from various different parts of the world such as India, Africa, and many more. However we all share in common our ancestral ties deeply rooted in the Saurashtra region of India.

Mission Statement

This association is organized for Canada's Saurashtra Patel Samaj families and their relatives; providing a common platform to promote social conventions, cultural programs, educational seminars and religious rituals. Allowing for the accomplishment of our mission–to cultivate the spirit of self-esteem and ethical values across the community. by maintaining high standard morals in today's fast paced life. Our three main goals are:

  • Create communication links with people of all ages; allowing them to express their views and matter of concerns about socio-cultural issues in our community
  • Invoke awareness amongst members about our unique cultural identity and the importance of maintaining it while merging into the North American main stream
  • Establish informative resources for educational and professional assistance to members

Aims and Objectives

  • Preserve and promote the Saurashtra culture and heritage
  • Maintain commutation links so that our rich Indian culture/heritage is appreciated and individuals are able to adopt the best of both Eastern and Western cultures
  • Provide a common platform for all members to interact collectively and casually to refresh our social bondages by organizing various social events
  • Introduce creative activities to the community; fun and entertaining for all ages
  • Establish and maintain strong links between families in Canada to enhance our unity
  • Celebrate Indian festivals by organizing various cultural and social events
  • Provide moral and informational support to new Saurashtra Patel immigrants
  • Recognizing the generation growth of our community in Canada, take initiatives to foster cross-culture appreciation and understanding

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