Membership & Forms

Saurashtra Patel Samaj of Canada Bringing our community together


Membership Criteria

Male or female, single or married, the membership is open to all that meet the following criteria:

  • Originate from the Saurashtra Leuva & Kadwa Patel Community
  • Age 18 years and over

A one-time REGISTRATION fee of $50 is applicable for NEW member/s.

Definition of Family and Guest:

  1. A couple or a couple with all unmarried children living together are considered as a single family.Married child/children are considered as a separate family.
  2. Sponsored permanent immigrant adults (living with fee paying Samaj members) with or without dependent children are considered as a separate family. Exceptions are parents (including in-laws) or young adults without income and living with their family
  3. Guest: They are family members or from the Saurashtra Patel roots and are visiting Canada

Annual Fees structure:

$160.00 per family if fees paid until Holi function.
$170.00 per family if paid after Holi and on or before Picnic function ($10 late fees).
$180.00 per family if paid after Picnic and on or before Navratri function ($20 late fees).
$190.00 per family if paid after Navratri and on or before Diwali function ($30 late fees).

  1. Single member family will pay half of the above yearly membership fees.
  2. For new members, first year is completely free and the fee for the next year will be due a first Diwali function, irrespective of their arrival time.
  3. No Annual fee for eligible Samaj member on Student visa in Canada

Membership Criteria for Student* Arrived in Canada on Student** Visa

The student* membership is open to all originating from the Saurashtra Kadwa & Leuva Patel Community, age 18 years and over, male or female but single. In addition, each student must let SPSC secretory know 30 days before each event via email or phone call (email is highly recommended) to confirm their attendance at the event. This is mandatory in order to facilitate proper planning for each event i.e. food order, venue capacity etc. At any time SPSC has full right to refuse any request, which interferes with SPSC venue booking done in advance.

Absolutely NO ADMISSISON if there is no confirmation of attendance in advance.

As a reminder you are attending SPSC event where only Saurashtra Kadwa & Leuva Patel Community can attend. SPSC has full right to execute rules and regulation at any time.

Note: Fees can be paid by cash or cheque (payable to: SPSC) to our treasurer Manish Godhani
A bank cheque can also be mailed to: Manish Godhani, 6439 Connor Crescent, Niagara Falls Ontario, L2H 0C7 (Please DO NOT send cash by mail)

Important Note: As we haven’t celebrated a single event in person in 2020, we will be carrying forward full 2020 annual fees to 2021. Whoever has not paid 2020 fees, they should pay by the 1st event in 2021.

Saurashtra Patel Samaj of Canada Registration Form

* Student are eligible to register with the Samaj if his/her origin or native town is in Saurashtra and belongs to Kadva or Leuva Patel family (must provide proof**)

**At least one authentic reference from SPSC Canada - OR - two-family references from India (Certain conditions apply and SPSC has all right of making a decision)

Note: This Registration is ONLY for Leuva and Kadwa Patel originally from Saurashtra Region, Gujarat, India & who are already in Canada